Architectural Design

Each hospital design is “tailor made” ensuring full support for modern requirements while saving space, energy and cost

In the past design teams have used pre-prepared departmental templates as a basis for architectural design: these templates are often “historical” and have failed to take account of rapidly changing medical procedures and technology;  they often either include rooms which are no longer used and miss rooms which are required by modern practice including hospital IT; or they make assumptions about patient profiles which are not tested in the design process.
We consider each patient type shown to be required by epidemiology and practical local experience, how medical teams care for them and what facilities and services these teams require. We design for the individual needs of patients, staff, visitors etc.


Patients, Medical Teams & Technical Rooms

Our building block is the Patient, but in a majority of cases patients can be categorised by “type”, for example Surgical and Medical, and by Sub-type, for example Cardiac, Urology, Orthopaedics etc.
Modern medical practice will involve assigning a Medical Team to each patient type. We use the services needed by the Team (through a medical coding database) to test the requirement for technical rooms.

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