Hiltron Planning System

The use of computers and advanced communication facilities has always been an integral part of Hiltron’s philosophy.

A prime example of this is the Hiltron Planning System, a specialized and proprietary computer system. The Hiltron Planning System is a tool for planning, scheduling, costing, tracking and reporting.

Users of the Hiltron Planning System

Hiltron provides and supports the Hiltron Planning System to a variety of bodies (for example, architects, turnkey companies, building firms and joint ventures set up to deliver turnkey projects).

The system facilitates the planning planning process. The hospital structure can be defined; rooms created and populated; room data sheets defined; global and specific changes can easily be made. For further details, click the Tutorials button on the left. At all stages, various types of information can be reported on

The core of the Hiltron Planning System is a group of continually-updated databases, including an equipment database and a supplier database.

The equipment database records various information for each piece of equipment, including a selection of suppliers. Each item of equipment is assigned a unique code, which is used across ALL projects – the item’s code is unique and does not change for each project. The following information is recorded for each supplier: part/catalogue number; cost information; measurements; supply and install information; services required; electrical and other inputs and outputs; a detailed specification; and the CAD drawing and image file locations.

The supplier database records: address and contact details; the type of equipment supplied; any other pertinent notes; it also allows a report to be produced listing the items in the equipment database that are associated with this supplier.

The Hiltron Planning System uses a proprietary database operating under the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is available as a hosted application or for implementation on client facilities.


The Hiltron Database

The Hiltron Database is a means of storing and retrieving vast amounts of information. Over the years, Hiltron have accumulated information on over 15,000 items. Hiltron are constantly updating this information and adding new items – remember each item has a unique code which applies across all projects it is used in.

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