Hiltron provides expert advice on medical equipment and technology for every stage of a hospital project from inception to completion. We offer a range of planning, advisory and management services.

Health Planning

Hiltron’s role is as an integral team member and as such we have been privileged to work on both contractors’ and clients’ Design Teams. This has given us a clear understanding of the needs of both parties during the design process and enables us to provide a unique perspective on requirements and expectations.

Hiltron staff are experienced Health Professionals, most having spent many years working within the NHS and in hospital environments prior to joining us.

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Medical Equipment Planning

Our consultants pool knowledge gained over many years to design and specify facilities and equipment relevant to the needs and requirements of the country concerned, most having spent many years working within the NHS and in hospital environments prior to joining us. This enables us to understand the operational requirements of health provision and to provide guidance and advice based on personal experience in working situations as well as experience working as consultants in the provision of a range of different types of health environment.

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Architectural Design

Our design and briefing philosophy is based on an understanding of the care and treatment required by patients in the area which the project is to serve. This requires thorough analysis and documentation of local disease profiles (epidemiology) but also consideration of other local or national factors such as likely prevalence of accidental injury (is the project near a major road or airport?). It is also important to look at other local or national facilities and the general planning for optimisation of specialised services.

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Engineering Services

Our engineers are dedicated to providing high quality solutions that meet client needs with appropriate technology and within budgetary constraints.

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Sustainability Framework

Hiltron develops designs that maximise the inherent benefits of a site, whilst minimising any adverse and future impacts. Our sustainability strategy is not an ‘add-on’ but instead acts as an integrated part of the process.

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