North Middlesex University Hospital

North Middlesex University Hospital


Equipment advisors for a 150 bed PFI redevelopment of the existing North Middlesex hospital site. Responsible for all areas of equipment, working as part of the project team. Also, provision of equipment icons for the 1:50 drawings. Responsibilities include: attendance at meetings, including user group meetings; loading of room equipment data and design operational data to 1:50 sign-off; provision of initial IT advice; advising on PFI schedules (for example schedule 13); production of asset register and equipment transfer list; equipment lifecycle analysis; assessment of bids at the interim submission (2003); review of Trust equipment specifications and costs from the bidders; preparation of documentation, including room data sheets, bills of quantity and specifications (with reference to operational requirements, user training, safety and usage); ensuring compliance with health and safety standards, infection control, Trust policies, etc; reviewing of the payment mechanism; production of the bill of quantities for commercial close, with price verification; review of trust equipment quantities and groups for Public Sector Comparator (2006) and collation of information for Financial Close.

STATUS: 2006 Complete

London Office
Albany Boathouse
Lower Ham Road
Kingston Upon Thames
Greater London
Telephone: +44(0)20 85499998

Edinburgh Office
12D Timber Bush
Telephone: +44(0)131 5535923