Welcome to Hiltron Limited

Hiltron has long been at the forefront of healthcare facility planning, providing design advice and health equipment and information technology planning. We are a multi-disciplinary company with more than 30 years of experience in the UK and internationally, providing advice on hospital design, medical equipment and information technology planning and procurement to healthcare providers, architects, contractors and funders in relation to NHS, PFI and International hospital projects.  The Hiltron Planning System Hiltron provides and supports specialized and proprietary software (the Hiltron Planning System). This system aids the process of design and equipment planning and provides a centralised database of the entire facility, including detailed Room Data Sheets covering Architectural, Environmental and Equipment elements for every room. The Hiltron Planning System includes comprehensive and current medical equipment databases and assists users in planning, scheduling, equipping, budgeting and controlling projects large and small. Hiltron is entirely independent and has no financial or commercial dependency on any manufacturer or supplier. The company does not manufacture or supply, or act as an agent for any supplier.

Health Planning

We use a patient focused and holistic approach to hospital design which gives advantages in patient and staff satisfaction, quality of design and cost.

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Medical Equipment Planning

We use knowledge gained over many years to design and specify equipment and facilities suitable for the country under consideration with the knowledge that medical science in all countries is advancing rapidly.

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Architectural Design

Our design and briefing philosophy is based on an understanding of the care and treatment required by patients in the area which the project is to serve. This requires thorough analysis and documentation of local and national factors.

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Engineering Services

Our engineers are dedicated to providing high quality solutions that meet client needs with appropriate technology and within budgetary constraints.

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Sustainability Framework

Hiltron develops designs that maximise the inherent benefits of a site, whilst minimising any adverse and future impacts. Our sustainability strategy is not an ‘add-on’ but instead acts as an integrated part of the process.

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Our Work

We are a multicultural team of architects, engineers, sustainability experts, healthcare planners, and much more committed to excellence in design. Our reputation has been built upon providing creative and intelligent health planning solutions that meet their operational brief without compromise. We seek to be proud of everything we do, from concept to delivery; creating places that are calculated, innovative and reflective of our clients’ needs.

London Office
Albany Boathouse
Lower Ham Road
Kingston Upon Thames
Greater London
Telephone: +44(0)20 85499998
Email: relfadel@zefltd.com

Edinburgh Office
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Telephone: +44(0)131 5535923
Email: iain.johnston@hiltron.co.uk